Funko’s Emperor’s New Groove Pop! Review

Happy Sunday everyone!

For today’s review, I want to take a look at Funko’s The Emperor’s New Groove Pop! Vinyl collection. Included in this review are the four Pop! Vinyls released retailer-wide, as well as a Hot Topic exclusive llama version of Kuzco. Let’s check them out.

The regular collection consists of the human version of Kuzco, Pacha, the villainous Yzma, and fan favorite Kronk.

As mentioned before, Hot Topic has this collection’s exclusive, and it is probably one of the best exclusives in a long time… because who doesn’t need Kuzco as a llama?

Overall, I know a lot of people (myself included) who LOVE The Emperor’s New Groove, Disney’s take on the fabled The Emperor’s New Clothes. With a fun cast of characters and a great voice cast (including David Spade, Eartha Kitt, John Goodman, and Patrick Warburton), while it will never rank up there with the great Disney Animated Classics, the fan following is there. When I found out that they were making this collection, I knew I had to track them down, and I was excited to see this in my local Hot Topic last week… and part of a sale too, which is always nice.

Did you pick up any of The Emperor’s New Groove Pop! Vinyls? What are your thoughts on the collection? Let us know in the comments below. 



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