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DisKingdom.com is your home for Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars news which include collectibles, merchandise, theme parks, movies, video games and much more.

We have two other sites, http://www.PopVinyls.com and http://www.VinylmationKingdom.com which DisKingdom.com evolved from.

DisKingdom’s Team

Owner/PublisherMatt Norris (Matt@DisKingdom.com)
Editor In ChiefRoger Palmer (Roger@DisKingdom.com)


Abraham Larios Jr.
Adam Wachtel
Amber Raden
Chris Ching
Chris Cole
Colin Boutin
Dave Duff
Erin Nichole Houchin
Joshua Pirtle
Kimberly Tom
Kristen Bevacqua-Walsh
Paul Washington
Phil Tesorero
Robert Mendez
Ryan Thompson
Travis Denman

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