Disney Infinity Power Discs – Exclusives

power-disc-series-exclusivesDisney Infinity had some special Power Disc packs which were sold exclusively through certain retails such as Toys R US in the United States/Canada, EB Games in Australia and other retailers within Europe.  European Power Disc packs had slightly different packaging to show what exclusive disc was inside.

pTRU1-16927591dtToys “R” Us Gold Pack Exclusives (All with *RARE* borders)


TRU Gold Pack Exclusives UPC Codes


At launch, Toys ‘R’ Us released an exclusive Series 1 Power Disc album that includes spots for all 10 of the Gold Pack Exclusives. Album holds total of 30 discs.

PTRU1-16115637_alternate1_enh-z6-300x300 pTRU1-16115637dt-300x300

Toys ‘R’ Us then released the Race to Space Toy Box Pack which, in addition to the Crystal Lightning McQueen and Crystal Buzz Lightyear figures, also includes the Power Discs Emperor Zurg’s Wrath and C.H.R.O.M.E. Damage Increaser.


Toys ‘R’ Us also released an exclusive Gold Power Disc Capsule pack, which included six of their exclusive discs: Mike’s Car, Tron User Control, Emperor Zurg’s Wrath, Scrooge’s Lucky Dime, Captain Hook’s Ship, and Tron Interface. Gold_Power_Disc_Capsule_with_6_TRU_Series_1_exclusive_discs

If you want to see some of these Power Discs in action, below you will find our Power Disc Profile videos.
Simply click the playlist menu within the video player to take a look at some of these excellent Power Discs.



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