Volunteers Wanted

DisKingdom.com is always looking to add new, talented and dependable volunteers the website. While the site does not pay for staff members, we do offer incentives such as press admission to certain conventions and import resume building.

So what are we looking for? We are looking for writers who are dependable, consistent, and have a love of what they are covering.

If interested, please email Roger@DisKingdom.com


The following positions are currently open:


1) News Writers– This person would scour the internet including, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter for example for news and scoops and must credit the original source of the information unless it is a press release. Stories can also be allocated to staff to write.  If you make contacts with Disney Store employees that can help as well.  A quality news writer will try to have at least TWO news stories posted a week on average. Some weeks you might get 5 while the next  you get 1. Just keep the average above two.

Areas we are interested in are:

  • Disney
  • Marvel
  • Star Wars
  • Theme Parks
  • DC
  • Movies News
  • TV News
  • DVD/Blu Ray
  • Any Disney/Star Wars/Marvel collectible

2) Photographers – We are also looking for some local WDW and Disneyland areas Photographers- We are looking to add people in the Orlando or Disneyland area who can cover new attractions, restaurants, signings, latest merchandise, events, and take photos of the event.

3) Columnist – We are also looking for new columnists, be it new movie or comic book reviews, TV Show Recaps, something from the Theme Parks or related to a specific collectible.

4) Guest Blog/Vlog/Columns – If you would like to have your column, blog or vlog featured on the site, feel free to get in touch with us.

If interested, please email Roger@DisKingdom.com




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