Guide to Packaging

When trading or selling Vinylmation, Pops, Infinity items or anything else, its important to package them properly.

  • Remember Postal Workers don’t respect parcels,
    in the same way as you may do!
  • They are crushed, thrown, squeezed, crammed, jammed, squashed, pressed & more
  • They are transported around the globe.
  • Vinylmation can be damaged in many ways including Broken Ears, arms and Accessories. As well as chips, marks, smudges & more
  • If two or more Vinylmation are placed next to each other, they will rub off the paint, causing damage.
  • To stop rubbing, Place Every Single Vinylmation in small bags such as Sandwich/Zip Lock/Baggies to reduce rubbing damage. They are extremely cheap and can be purchased at most Supermarkets & Discount Stores such as Dollar Tree, Poundland, Walmart etc.
  • Each figure/Box should also be wrapped individually in either Bubble Wrap or Plain Kitchen Roll. But not toilet roll as that is a bit disgusting. Also don’t use coloured kitchen roll with patterns as this can sometimes leave marks on the vinyls.bubble


  • If your sending Boxed/Tin Vinylmations, also wrap them in Bubble Wrap for extra protection
  • If your sending just a few single Vinylmations, use a padded envelope.boxes
  •  Also try to to use the correct sized envelope or box for what your selling or trade.
  • Don’t Skimp on Packaging!
  • Buy materials in bulk – (its cheaper that way)
  • If you can’t ship properly, don’t Trade or Sell
  • Try to Recycle packaging and use again
  • Failure to package properly will result in poor eBay & Community Feedback


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