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What is Vinylmation?

Vinylmation is a brand of 1.5″, 3″, and 9″ vinyl collectibles sold at Disney theme parks, select Disney Stores, and the online Disney Store. The name Vinylmation is a combination of the word Animation and Vinyl. The figures are generally based on a Mickey Mouse figure (but other shapes now exist) but have different themed markings, colors, and patterns.

What is a Vinylmation?

How much do Vinylmation’s cost?

This is a very tricky question to answer, as there are many factors to take into consideration such as the size of the figure, the series, is it brand new, is it a retired figure, was it discounted, etc. There are a few different recommended retail prices with prices usually starting at $9.95 for a basic figure for a Junior or basic Disney Store figure.

How much are they worth?

Every figure has a different value, depending on where it was brought and if someone has a connection for it. Some figures have gone up in value while others have decreased, the best way to check how much a current figure is worth, is to go onto ebay, do a search for the figure and from there you can see roughly how much a single figure is going for. This is also a good method of working out trade values for figures.

Where can I buy Vinylmation?

There are lots of places to buy Vinylmation’s, at the Disney theme parks (Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland), selected Disney Store’s and their respected websites (,, fr & You can also buy figures on the secondary market from a number of different sources such as ebay and through Vinylmation forums and Facebook Groups.

What size’s do Vinylmation come in?

There are lots of different sized Vinylmation’s including the main 3″ (7.5cm) figure along with a Junior (1 & half inch) and the 9″. But there are also some other molds with different sizes including Park Starz, Popcorns and the 95 (Lightening McQueen shaped).

Does DisKingdom sell Vinylmation?

DisKingdom isn’t an official Vinylmation website, it is a fan site and its not connected to Disney. This also applies to our sister site,

Why can’t I buy Star Wars figures in stores or online?

Due to a older licensing agreement with Lucasfilm, Star Wars items are currently only available to purchase within the theme parks. However since Disney now owns Star Wars, this could change in the future.

What is a Variant?

Variants are just minor variations on an existing figure such as having a different colour or a simple change such as a mouth being a different shape, not having a shirt on, having a different logo, being glow in the dark. These can usually be found in blind boxes but Disney also sell some as special limited edition items such as with Park Starz Variants. Variants are usually very rare and much more valuable.

What are Eachez?

Eachez are a single figure/boxed set featuring a known Vinylmation figure but with a blind box element which could result in a variant figure. Ie 9 out of the 10 boxes may contain the common figure while 1 in 10 boxes has a variant edition.

What is a Chaser?

A Chaser is a figure that is rarer than the other commons in the set, usually with a Ratio of 1 in 24 or 1 in 16.

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