Guide to Vinylmation – Glossary

Here is our guide to some of the terms within the Vinylmation Community

  • Blox – A Blind Box
  • Bloxing – buying/opening blind boxes
  • Case/Tray – A complete box of blind boxes (usually 24 figures per tray but there have been sets with 8 or 16 figures per tray).
  • Combo Topper – A Blind box figure with a Open Window figure on top within a dome.
  • Open Edition – No number on how many are produced, with maybe more made if popular.
  • Limited Edition – Limited to a certain number of vinyls
  • Junior/jr – Smaller 1 & half Inch Vinylmation
  • Custom – Custom Vinylmation
  • CYO – Create Your Own (aka a blank Vinylmation)
  • Variants – More valuable alternative versions of vinyls.
  • Retired – A series/figure that is no longer being produced by Disney
  • Chaser – Every case has a chaser which is the mystery vinyl, only 1 per tray
  • SuperChaser – This is a even rarer Chaser such as the Ghost Obi Wan
  • Filler – Since there is only 1 chaser per tray and 2 sets of 11, there is always a extra vinyl which is often the cheapest to buy since there is more of these.
  • Scrapper/Dumpster Diver – Factory rejected vinyls
  • Bump – Pushes a post back to the top of the Group
  • Pm / Pm’d – Means they are sending a Private Message
  • NIB – New In Box
  • WDW – Walt Disney World
  • DLR – Disneyland Resort – California
  • DLP – Disneyland Paris
  • D-Street – The main Vinylmation store in Downtown Disney at WDW/DLR



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