Guide to Vinylmation – Selling

Welcome to the DisKingdom guide to Selling.

Whether you just want to clear out your duplicates or want to thin out your collection, selling your Vinyls can be simple.

There are a few ways you can sell your Vinylmations. Probably the one way most people will think of is eBay which can have over 10,000 Vinylmation items up for sale. So, its just a case of logging into eBay and creating a listing, which comes with eBay’s protection service and obviously their fees.

Another way to sell figures is to use the secondary market Facebook groups, either as auctions through groups like own our Auction House (which run in a similar way to eBay but without all the fees) and through trading groups like our own Trading Group.

For both eBay and the groups, your first thing should be to get a nice clear photograph of the item or items you wish to sell (with groups you can put up a picture of all your items at once). One of the bonuses with groups is that your picture can also act as a trade picture too as some people are happy to trade and sell their duplicates.

It’s usually a good idea to put the price you are looking for in the post or in the comments to save yourself lots of questions about how much things are. Obviously with this being a secondary market, there might be some room for haggling between both the seller and buyer but this is very much up to the seller to decide. We certainly recommend putting prices on your items in our trading groups.

Once someone contacts you through a comment or a private message, its good practice to at least respond to the person to either say that it’s sold or no longer available.

Once a deal has been agreed between the seller and buyer, the seller should give the buyer their Paypal details and a total including shipping. It’s also worth mentioning at this point about the Gift option, some people prefer to pay by Gift since it can save on the PayPal fees however we would always recommend to everyone that purchases be sent as “goods”. This means either the seller should add on the extra costs (usually between 4 to 5%) or ask for the seller to add that on top of the total cost.

When payment has been made, its a good practice to confirm with the buyer that you’ve received the money and to then provide a shipping confirmation number once its been posted. Either just the number or sending a photo of the receipt. This is also good practice with eBay as well.

If you are not willing to ship internationally, its worth mentioning it in your post/eBay listing as there are thousands of Vinylmation collectors worldwide. This again can save yourself time.

Checking feedback for the buyer is also something we would recommend, just to check if other collectors have dealt with the person before. We would also recommend checking Facebook profiles to check if it is a new account, a “non-human” name or a minor. This is another reason why we always recommend to pay for an item using the goods option on Paypal.

Should any problems arise from the sellers end such as not being able to post due to problems or a general delay, then its best to contact the person you’ve sold the item too.

Also should the seller have any problems with the buyer such as agreeing to buy a item or winning a auction, then trying to back out, the seller should contact a administrator of the group that the item has been sold on or through eBay’s feedback/resolution center.



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