Guide to Vinylmation – Trading Online

Welcome to the DisKingdom Guide to Trading Online.

Trading online has become a major part of Vinylmation for the majority of Vinylmation collectors, as the ability to trade with anyone for anything in any country is a very powerful tool. While trading at stores, theme parks or at trading events is simple, this isn’t always as effective for getting what your after. Being able to trade 1 figure to another that you need is why online trading has become such a hit.

Trading online can be done in a number of different ways including any method of communication that you might like to use such as Twitter, Instagram, Forums, Facebook Groups or through Apps like ChasingVinylmation or MouseVault.

DisKingdom itself runs a few different Facebook Groups which allow collectors to trade together (as well as buy and sell) with one main group for trading.

Each group will have its own rules so its always wise to check with those rules before trading. However there are some general hints and guidelines that will make your experience more pleasant.

  • If you have a problem, first try to handle it yourself with the other party. If you are still having issues, you should contact one of the Admin’s (Administrators) of the group who will try to assist you with your trade.
  • Feedback is important, not just for the person your trading with but also for yourself, so its always worth reporting good feedback through a group’s feedback system.
  • The trade is between yourself and another partner, so its always worth checking their feedback before agreeing a trade. Also check the profile of the person involved, if its a new profile, a “non-Human” name or a minor, it might be best to check with an admin first.
  • No Group will take liability of your trading but will help in any way they can.
  • Remember the motto “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.
  • When trading, its best to take a photograph of your traders and post it on the Group, then post a list of your wants or a link to your wants list (such as ChasingVinylmation). Being more specific about what your after can save a lot of people’s time including your own.
  • Communication is the key, messaging the other party with information such as when the item was posted, Shipping Confirmation number and also when it arrives, really does make a difference to the overall experience. If there is a delay in shipping or something comes up, let the other party know.
  • If your not willing to trade internationally, then state so in your listing as there are hundreds of collectors from outside the United States and it can save time for both parties.
  • If your located outside the US, its worth mentioning your location in your posts to avoid disappointment when people back out when they realize your international.
  • If you have traded or sold an item, make a note of it in your post to inform people what’s available or not, or simply delete the original post and post a new traders picture with only those figures shown that are available.
  • Be polite. Be courteous. Don’t be argumentative or overly sarcastic to people. We’re adults or should act like one. Breaking common decency rules can cause problems and getting into slinging matches with other collectors isn’t going to do anyone any favors. Bullying will generally never be accepted anywhere.
  • Check who your trading with



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