Disney Infinity WDW Photo Shoot: Stitch, Tinkerbell, & More!

Back last September, and again this past January, I had a lot of fun with some Disney Infinity photo shoots. Last week I was down at Walt Disney World, and with me came some of my Disney Infinity friends that I have yet to photograph down there.

First to join me was our favorite alien experiment: Stitch.


There is some construction going on in the main “hub” of the Magic Kingdom, and on the construction walls leading to Tomorrowland, Stitch is showing his “Disney Side” by defacing some of his wanted posters. Here is where we first found our Disney Infinity Stitch, checking out the artwork.

IMG_4093 IMG_4094

Malefistitch and Jastitch

We make our way into Tomorrowland, and to Stitch’s Great Escape.


Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures or video inside the attraction, but we caught up with the guys afterwards in Merchant of Venus, where Stitch also visited with his cousins.



We then traveled over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, were we had a nice Meet ‘n’ Greet with the main man himself, Experiement 626.


While in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we swung by the Phineas & Ferb Meet ‘n’ Greet area in the Streets of America. There, Phineas and Agent P checked out the area. These two guys were the only two not able to join me in the last photo shoots. I didn’t want them to feel left out.

IMG_3278 IMG_3284


While I was photographing, Phineas spotted his Disney Infinity likeness and wanted to steal him. He almost did!

IMG_6008 IMG_6009


Back over in Magic Kingdom, Tinkerbell was spreading her Pixie Dust throughout the park. I caught up with her in front of Cinderella’s Castle.


From there, we made our way down Main Street USA to the Town Square Theater, where we met Tinkerbell in her home.

IMG_7096 IMG_7092

IMG_7094 IMG_7098


She really caught the pose well! Tinkerbell loved her figure representation, and was hoping that is was a “kiss” for her. Unfortunately, it was not, but she was excited that she would be having adventures inside the Toy Box soon.

Well, that’s it for the quick photo shoot this time around. As always, thanks to Johnny V. and the Disney Infinity crew for all of their hard work putting out these characters.

Looking for these characters? Phineas and Agent P are currently available for the first Disney infinity game. Stitch and Tinkerbell will be available later this year for Disney infinity 2.0.


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