What Is Coming For Disney Infinity In 2015?

As we kick off 2015, its a good time to remind everyone of what 2015 will bring for Disney Infinity fans and it all kicks off in mid January with 3 new Marvel figures to add to your collection including the Green Goblin, Yondu and Ronan the Accuser.

yondu packagingreen goblin packagingronan packagingAlso released in January are the twin packs featuring the Toy Box Game Discs Marvel (Escape from the Kyln/Assault on Asgard) & Disney (Stitch Tropical Rescue/Brave Forest Siege).

Toy Box DiscsIn February we see Jasmine released, plus we see the release of the Aladdin/Jasmine twin pack which also comes with the two Aladdin themed Skydome and Terrain Power Discs.

Jasmine Figure-Ljasmine aladdin twin packThen in March, the last two Marvel figures will be released, Loki and Falcon.

falcon packagingloki packagingAnd in May, Disney will be releasing Infinity 2.0 on the Vita which will include a special variant Black Suit Spider-Man figure.

black spidermanThere will also be two “unannounced” Disney characters to be released in 2015, which are expected to be Tron figures along with 2 Tron power discs.

tron legacy sam quorraAnother unannounced items include the Falcon Costume change power disc and the Captain Marvel Team Up disc, which we don’t yet know the dates for.

infinity captain marvel powerAnd finally we have the release of the iPad/iPhone version of Infinity 2.0 which is due any day.

That is what we know about for 2.0, but after these releases, who knows what Infinity could bring us? 3.0? Star Wars? Inside Out? Good Dinosaur? Ant-Man?

What are you excited for?



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