A Look At Some Disney Infinity Early Concept Art.

Recently artist posted some images on his blog of some original concept art for Disney Infinity & Disney Infinity 2.0 including some early designs of Anna, Hulk, Iron Man, Sorcerer Mickey, Cars and the Incredibles.

Some of the interesting concept art includes very different style for the Hulk

We did this set of designs when we were pitching to Marvel the idea of extending Marvel characters into Infinity. I think we recognized even early on that the Marvel characters needed to have a bit more anatomical detail than the current Infinity lineup, but we didn’t have any idea how to do that and keep true to the Infinity style.

We knew that there should be edges because that’s a hallmark of the Infinity style. But which direction should those edges go, and how many sharp edges should there be?

SamNielson_Infinity_Hulk_1 SamNielson_Infinity_Hulk_0

On the subject of Sorcerer Mickey, Sam mentioned

We went with a different pose in the end, and Jason made some further adjustments to the design along the way, as you can see with the final figure design


And here are some early Frozen designs, which are very similar to how they look on the Power Discs.


Here are a couple takes on Frozen’s Anna. This was based on some earlier concept art, then we revised her look as we got more information. The far right are my first sketches, then the middle came next, and the one on the left last, with some help getting the pose right from Jason Kim.

Here is a look at some of that concept art for some of the other designs:

What do you think of these early designs?


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