Disney Infinity 2.0 Loki & Falcon Review

This month sees the release of Loki and Falcon for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes and with some European collectors being able to get it a little earlier than in North America, I was able to pick up both characters and share my thoughts on both Loki and Falcon.  Both of these figures can be used within the Toy Box and within the Avengers playset, which offer addition value and a perfect excuse to jump back in to the playsets.

loki falcon disney infinity boxedLooking at the characters below, there are great figures with a lot of detail.  Loki’s Chitauri Scepter is a great addition to the figure, in addition to the great horns and cape which add more detail.  Falcon wings are different to anything else within the Disney Infinity figure range, they are clear plastic and are very similar to the Skylanders Traptanium weapons, they reflect the light and look very impressive.

loki falcon disney infinityIn the game itself, Falcon is a very fast flier with a variety of different attacks, where he throws charged feathers at enemies and also has hand to hand combat.  Loki is slightly different, he has much more powerful attacks and his decoy special move is very similar to Nick Fury’s.  One interesting aspect to Loki is the hovering ability, he can hover anywhere but unlike with flying, he can’t fly at speed but it does mean he can get around slightly easier than a non-flying character.

Here are a couple of videos of Loki & Falcon in action within the game, including a detailed look at their skill tree, special moves and abilities:

And in these unboxing videos, I share my thoughts on the actual figures themselves, looking at the figures in more depth:

One of the most interesting things with Loki and Falcon, is that by adding them to your collection and completing the entire collection of figures for the Marvel side. The Hall of Super Heroes (Black Suit Spider-Man isn’t included), opens up a secret area of the Helicarrier with a display case of vehicles and unlocks the Star Wars Luke Skywalker Speedster to use in the Toy Box. As with Disney Infinity 1.0, Star Wars is given a unique place in that the only 2 toys from Star Wars are Hall of Hero unlocks, as the Lightsaber is unlocked with all 1.0 characters.

Here is a video of the new section of the Hall of Super Heroes and a look at the Star Wars Speedster vehicle.

What do you think of Loki & Falcon?


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