New Inside Out Trailer, Meet the Cast, and New Characters!

Today, Ellen revealed an exclusive new trailer for the upcoming Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. My emotions are def running high. Check it out.

In addition, Disney/ Pixar released this fun cast introduction video today, where you get a brief glimpse of the comedians involved in voicing Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear.

Note: if you take a look at the new trailer, during the movie Joy and Sadness take a trip within Riley’s mind, leaving Anger, Disgust, and Fear alone to control Riley’s emotions. On their journey, Joy and Sadness visit Imagination Land and Dream Productions. In the trailer, we also meet two new characters. The first one is Rainbow Unicorn, star of “Fairy Dream Adventure Part 7”.


We previously got a glimpse of Rainbow unicorn in the upcoming Inside Out Mystery Minis set coming from Funko.

inside out mystery minis

The second character is an evil looking clown, which appears that Riley is afraid of. I’m wondering if the clown will also be part of this set. I guess time will tell.


What do you think of this movie? Are you excited to see it? Let us know.

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