Early Details On Avengers: Age Of Ultron Vinylmations

May is going to be a big month for Marvel fans with the new Avengers: Age Of Ultron movie coming out and also the new Vinylmation blind box series based on the movie coming as well.  We originally saw a sneak peek at this series at the Imagination Gala event and we were told this series is based on the movie characters rather than the comic books like Marvel Series 1.

avengers preview

Thanks to our friends over at Vinylmation World, they have shared some interesting details on this series, the big news is that this set will move away from the standard Vinylmation series set up of 8 figures including a chaser, Avengers will use the Urban Redux layout.  This format features 5 commons (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow), 1 chaser and 3 variants.  A tray will consist of 8 figures, the 5 commons, 2 fillers (repeated commons) and either a chaser or variant.

These figures will also have a ratio, though could the signed figures and super hand drawn chasers return?  This leaves a few Avenger characters missing from the line up including Ultron, Hulk, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but those possibly could be the chaser or maybe even a unannounced combo topper or twin pack?

Could we see more series using the smaller format?

What do you think of this news?




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