Sneak Peek At Some Disneyland 60th Vinylmations

This past week, Disney revealed a new video showing off a first look at some of the new Disneyland 60th Anniversary items which included a few sneak peeks at some new Vinylmation that will be released alongside this celebration.  Its a bit difficult to work out what some of these new Vinylmations are, but here are some ideas and information we already know about.
disneyland 60th vinylmation sneakSadly, these Vinylmation were very far in the background and it is difficult to see exactly what is coming out, There looks to also be either a blind box from Park 16 or a possible Eachez on the right and on the left it looks like we will have a twin pack featuring Mickey & Minnie in their 60th Anniversary outfits, which are similar to these plushes.

disneyland 60th 2We first found out about a Vinylmations featuring a new Park blind box series and a Park Starz Bride & Pirate twin pack at the Imagination Gala, last September.   And looking at this image from the video, we can see a number of unknown Vinylmations plus the two known Park Starz variant and what looks to be a Silver version of the Matterhorn’s Abominable Snowman.disneyland 60th vinylmation sneak 2Here are the previews from the Imagination Gala:

60th anniversary vinylmation imagination gala previewpark starz variants 60th

What is interesting is that this Park series is labeled as Series 16, yet we haven’t seen series 15?  If this series is due out in late May or afterwards, could they have changed the number or perhaps slide out two series over the summer?

You can view the video below:

What do you think of these previews?


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