Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Thursday – Jungle Book

This week’s latest Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Challenge was all themed around the Jungle Book and there are 5 new Jungle Book themed toy boxes that you can enjoy in the developers pick section.

  • The Jungle Book Experience – Pirate Steven – Enjoy an elephant ride through the story of the Jungle Book in this immersive ride experience inspired by attractions in Disney Parks.
  • King Louie’s Temple Run – thebaroness89 – King Louie has issued a challenge to any Man Cub in the Jungle! Make it to Louie’s Throne in 60 seconds or less and claim the Crown, Use collectibles to avoid running out of time, If the clock hits Zero Louie wins! *Final Glitch Proof Version*
  • Jungle Journey – Sonicphoto – Discover adventure in the jungle with action, platforming, collecting & racing. Do you dare confront Shere Khan?
  • Jungle book mini games – xdsmmatx – Are you ready to face the jungle ? Only 1 player .By xdsmmatx
  • Jungle On Fire – semerien – The jungle is on fire and the animals are panicking. How many animals can you help escape safely? Get the highest score.

What was your favourite toy box?

And here are some gameplay videos of previous Toy Box Challenge:



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