Details On Star Wars C-3PO Eachez Vinylmation Variants

Today at Walt Disney World, the latest Star Wars Eachez featuring C-3PO was released at day early. It is set to be released on Good Friday at Disneyland and Online as well. This figure is priced at $16.95, has a limited size of 2500 and thanks to our Disney Marketplace member Bob Coffey, we now there is a twist to this Eachez release as there are two variants.

The common figure features C-3PO (Gold) with a 7/10 ratio. While the two variants K-3PO (White) and R-3PO (Red) have smaller ratios of 2/10 & 1/10. This isn’t the first time we have seen multiple variants as the D23 Expo and Disneyland Trading Jack Skellington also had 2 variants.




What do you think of these Variants?

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