Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Thursday – Asgard

It’s Thursday and that means we have some new Toy Boxes to download within the Developers Pick section within Disney Infinity 2.0. This weeks theme was Asgard, perfect timing for the recent release of Loki.


Here are this weeks top 5 Toy Boxes:

  • Asgard Arcade – TuckerKhouw – Defeat the Frost Giants and Dark Elves. Collect and use the all powerful Odinforce. Score high enough to unlock bonus stage. Single Player Only.
  • Thor’s Destiny B – Sonicphoto – Be the God of Thunder in this action story of 3 chapters! Featuring Sif, The Collector & Loki. ‘Bugs Fixed’
  • Loki Vs. Asgard – semerien – Play a bonus level of Assault on Asgard, from Loki’s perspective. Can you help the frost giants win? Loki only.
  • Asgard: Thor’s Quest – CCRunner524 – Chapter 1. Join Thor as he seeks Sultur’s Sword to make him the greatest warrior in all the realms. 1 player. Requires Thor. Average play time 45 – 60 minutes.
  • Asgard : God of Thunder – God of Mischief – thebaroness89 – Whose side are you on in this multi challenge toy box ? Take back the Infinity Stones, Battle the Illusions of Loki or Command an entire army of either Asgardians or Frost Giants. 1p only.

Here are some play through videos of some of last weeks Toy Boxes:

What is your favourite Toy Box this week?


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