Sneak Peek At New Disneyland 60th Anniversary Vinylmations

Disney held a special press event to launch the Disneyland 60th Anniversary and there were some items available for display including some new Vinylmations.  Some of which we had seen before, but now we have a few more clearer images.

Disney released some official images from the display.  This photo shows a Haunted Mansion Ghost Bride Park Starz (which we saw at the Imagination Gala, last year) plus there is a clear shot of a Disneyland 3″ Vinylmation.

CCkwHp1WEAA-6zx.png largeThis image from @, shows a little more detail of two of the Park 16 Vinylmations, and its also worth noting that the box is still labeled as Park 16 (no sign of 15 yet).   And we aren’t yet 100% if these are in the blind box series or a possible Eachez release.

11137600_634248913375686_1996560601_nIn this image from @, here is a clear shot of the Park Starz variant figures which include the Bride from the Haunted Mansion, Jose from the Tiki Room, Skeleton from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Snowman from the Matterhorn.


In this image from Disney, we get a clear shot of the Twin Pack Mickey & Minnie at the front, which is a LE2500.  But also on the side, we can see two different Vinylmation’s in what look to be a glass circle.  We don’t know much about these yet, but they aren’t anything we have seen with Vinylmation before.

CCkZvNmW0AEBVMh.jpg large

We don’t have any official release information for these Vinylmation, but once we do, we will share them with you.

What do you think of these Vinylmations?


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