TMNT, Assemble! Tom Shultis Customs

Custom Corner: TMNT, Assemble!

The artist this week needs no introduction. He’s been featured several times before and, personally, I have always been in awe of his work. With each new piece he has consistently pushed the envelope, whether with a delectable chocolatey swirl on his chocolate-dipped Batman, the detailed screaming faces of Freddy Krueger’s recent victims adorning Freddy’s stomach, or the floating metal debris around a powerful Magneto.

This set is just as remarkable. Featuring a whopping seven different characters, Shultis’ goal was not only to feature our favorite turtle team painted as the Avengers, but for the turtles to become the actual heroes themselves. This process took weeks to achieve, perfecting the “superhero turtles” vision that they started as and ending with a balance between TMNT and Marvel that feels so right we’re not sure how the characters weren’t created this way in the first place.

TMNT, Assemble! Tom Shultis Customs

Even the stands have a lot of detail and thought put into them.  Shultis wanted the POPs to be the stars in this set, so he went with a subtle design, focusing on just a handful of oozing hazardous tubes as a nod to the turtles’ origin story.

TMNT, Assemble! Tom Shultis Customs

Shultis has achieved a perfect balance between Turtle and Avenger in this set.  With sculpted details marching up and down each piece and a masterfully detailed painting job, Shultis skillfully reveals the heroes these turtles had been all along.  TMNT, Assemble!

To view more of Tom Shultis’ work, visit his Facebook page here:  Norcal Customs


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