GameStop’s Disney Infinity Day (May 9th) Details

This Saturday, May 9th, GameStop stores across the US will be having Disney Infinity Day. During this day-long event, there will be specials on virtually everything released over the past two years with Disney Infinity, as well as the premiere of the Captain America Collector’s Edition figure and the newly released PS Vita Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter, which features the exclusive Black Suit Spider-Man.

Here are the screen shots of the flyer, which showed up to stores today:



There are some really great deals there for anyone looking to complete their collection or try a new Play Set… or even try out 1.0 or 2.0 if you haven’t already. That Collector’s Edition pack is back down to $90, which is a savings of 50%. Amazing deal.

Will you be taking part in GameStop’s Disney Infinity Day? Let us know how you make out.


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