My Disney Adventure’s “Jedi Training Academy” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Welcome to “My Disney Adventures” that takes a look at all things Disney through the eyes of a young adult. This week I will share my experience of the Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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I have always loved going to Disney World but I will never forget the Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in April 2011. When I first saw the Jedi Training Academy It looked really cool so I asked my dad if I could enroll and which he said yes which made me really happy. So we walked over to the registration table and signed me up. While we were waiting in line I was a bit nervous since I thought I would mess up during the training.


Before we started training to be a Jedi we were issued our training robes and practice Lightsabers. The instructor taught us some awesome Jedi maneuvers like duck, jump block as well as attack low, attack middle and attack high.

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After all of the Padawan’s got a chance to practice we thought our training was it was over… but then out of nowhere the evil Darth Vader appears with his storm troopers in tow. He tried to persuade us to join the dark side then the instructor told us to show Darth Vader what we have learned. When it was my turn to show Darth Vader what I had learned I told him “I will never turn to the dark side” and when I said that he turned around in surprise that a Padawan would be the courageous to stand up to him!


Each one of us got a chance to battle Darth Vader with the moves we were just taught. While on stage it felt really cool to be able to fight Darth Vader because that was a really rare experience because a lot of people want to do that.

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After all of us conquered Darth Vader he once more challenged us to join the Dark Side and that’s when Yoda intervened “Wrong you are to think they young ones to join the Dark Side”. His voice came from everywhere. Darth made one final attempt towards us and that’s when we all activated our Lightsaber’s and he stormed off through the door leaving his Storm Troupers behind! Befuddled, the storm troupers tried to exit one way which led to a stage drop off on the other side were we stood are ground and then to the door, but it would not open so our instructor said “let me get that for you boys” and opened the door to the building then he said “Have a nice Day” where one of the Storm Troupers said “Thank you, you too” then the other Storm Trouper hit him to stop being so nice.


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I am really glad I got to do the Jedi Training Academy and during that whole experience I was laughing my head off and after they let us find our parents I told my dad “that was really fun”!


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Upon completion of the training I got a certificate and it says official Padawan of the Jedi.

Some really cool things about the experience is that it is very popular so you need to sign up early as the training classes fill up quickly. And you must be a kid to participate. My Dad said he wished could do it but was happy to see that I was able to do this cool experience! There is no cost for the training and how cool is it to actually to duel with Darth Vader. A cool tidbit that I learned during training was that Darth Vader in German means “Dark Father”

Thank you for reading my first “My Disney Adventures” Article and hope you will join me for a different look of all things Disney through a young adult. See you next time.


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