Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box Takeover Expansion Disc Details

The Disney Infinity 3.0 information just keeps rolling with Gameinformer posting some details on a new Toy Box Expansion Disc, Toy Box Takeover.

Disney weren’t happy with the overall experience of 2.0’s dungeon-crawler game disc, Escape From The Kyln. This toy box game is more advanced than anything a player could create within the Toy Box.   The Toy Box Expansion Discs will allow a more structured game experience and they won’t be locked down to a specific franchise.

This Takeover Disc is described:

The premise of Toy Box Takeover (and the source of he name, Villain Takeover) is that The Incredibles’ Syndrome gets his hands on an Infinity Wand – the tool players use to create their own worlds. Syndrome starts pulling together all sorts of worlds and iconic villains that span Infinity’s myriad franchises, including Star Wars, Pixar, and modern and classic Disney.

villian_takeover_pirOther updates to this game include:

New enemy variants are being created specifically for Takeover, and you must also have to steer clear of The Void, an unstoppable, slow-moving force that creeps up behind you, destroying everything in its path – including enemies. Luckily, you have your sidekicks to help you, who have been dramatically overhauled from the previous games. Your sidekicks help you fight, or act as support, and you can upgrade their stats and equipment both in and outside of Takeover.

Some of the issues with the Escape from the Kyln including how enemies needed to act differently to the toy box and will be taking on more enemies.

What do you think of the Takeover Expansion Disc?

You can find out more at GameInformer


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