Inside Out Mystery Minis Lineup Revealed

Earlier today, pictures surfaced of the full lineup of the Inside Out Mystery Minis from Funko, which we first saw at Toy Fair 2015. At Toy Fair, there were still two figures that were not revealed. Take a look:

Well, today’s new photos reveal that the two mystery figures are none other than versions of Bing Bong, the elephant/ skunk/ whatever type of creature from Riley’s imagination.FU4879AAlgCFEvnTRWMAEa4uj

*Thanks to Brad at for the above pic.

Personally, I would have preferred a second Fear instead of a second Bing Bong, but maybe crying Bing Bong is part of the plot of the story. I guess we will see. Also, it has not been confirmed or even hinted at by Funko, but this set scream “Hot Topic Exclusives” to me. Don’t know exactly why, but it does.

Looking to add these Inside Out Mystery Minis to your collection? They are up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with an arrival date of June.



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