More Disney Infinity 3.0 Details – Star Wars, Tron & Iron Fist

The Disney Infinity 3.0 updates continue to roll in with Vice-President Of Production at Disney Interactive, John Vignocchi sitting down with GameInformer for an interview about the upcoming game.

JV gameinformer 1

Here are a few of the highlights from this interview:

  • Disney Interactive make lots of different content including mobile games like Club Penguin, Where’s My Water and short web episodes like the Muppets.
  • Disney Infinity is their main console priority but they are also looking at legacy and other products but Infinity is the main goal to make it the best they can.
  • They were extremely happy to find out Disney brought Star Wars, they were jumping up and down with excitement over being able to work on Star Wars products.
  • John tells some stories from his first visit to LucasFilm.
  • Other explanations about why both the Clone Wars and Classic periods were included in 3.0.
  • Confirmed Disney, Marvel and Star Wars will be involved in future versions.
  • New Radio Disney Toy which streams Radio Disney straight into the toy box
  • New Vehicle is a Cruise Line Ship
  • How the Disney Park team work with Disney Interactive
  • John discusses Frozen and why there was no Frozen playset.
  • Character selection process, ie Mulan was a fan request.  Darkwing Duck is also brought up!
  • His Bench is Deep Bro!
  • Trongate is brought up and why they we brought into the game.

JV gameinformer 2 JV gameinformer 3

You can catch the full 17 minute interview at GameInformer.


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