MagicBand Watch Accessory Discovered At Walt Disney World

Disney have released a new MagicBand accessory in the form of a clock which slides over the MagicBand, turning it into a clock.  This has been discovered in the Big Top Souvenirs store in the Magic Kingdom as well as in the Dark Room at Hollywood Studios, plus other locations in Walt Disney World.  This item is priced at $17.95.

It is a pretty big and simple looking clock and allows people to have a clock available within the park (I know I’m usually asking my wife for the time since I leave my phone in the safe to be disconnected for the trip).    It could also make the MagicBand more useable at home, but what do you think of this idea?

Thanks to Matthew, Brandi and for the information



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  • Bcrosby

    Great idea… but they couldn’t have at least made it look better? It looks like a *cheap* watch from the 90’s

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