Disney Infinity 3.0 Interview with John Vignocchi at E3 2015!

Day two of E3 was such a highlight! It was a very special day for me. I was very fortunate and privileged enough to have had a personal one-on-one interview with John Vignocchi himself. You have to understand one thing about JV and E3…he is always busy! He is running around, back and fourth, doing interview after interview, nonstop. So again, with JV’s kindness for the community and his awesome PR team performing pure magic, we were able to meet and have a quick chat.

Below you will find JV and I talking about various things regarding Disney Infinity 3.0, questions about the development side, our challenge to JV to build his own toy box, and news regarding whether we will be getting a collectors display base or not. Please enjoy the video! 🙂

(Keep in mind, sound may be a little off. We had to change cameras due to technical reasons. Its a big expo and noise still travels, even inside the private rooms)

So what did you think? Isn’t JV just the best? Let us know your thoughts below or talk with us on our Facebook Group! Thanks guys!


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