Disney Holiday Showcase: Tsum Tsum Highlight


This past Wednesday, I had the honor of attending the Disney Holiday Showcase, a private press event where Disney Consumer Products showcases some of the upcoming merchandise for the holiday season that Disney feels/ hopes will be a hit. It is at this event last year that I got my first look at the newest Disney craze in collecting, Disney Tsum Tsum, a week or so before the app, and then the plush line, was released here in the US (for some that don’t know, Tsum Tsum originated in Japan become coming across the seas to the states). This year, Tsum Tsum was in full force at the event. Let’s check it out.

Target Partnership

Continuing what happened late last year in Target stores nationwide, Disney will continue to roll out the “classic” characters into Target stores, while keeping the special collections at Disney Store locations. In addition, Target will be getting some exclusives as well, in the form of plastic stackers and lip smackers.



Tsum Tsum stackers (Target Exclusive)


Minnie lip smacker (lip balm). Also available: Mickey, Pooh, and Stitch


The D-Style clothing line will be rolling out some Tsum Tsum inspired clothing and accessory designs. The two collections on display were Pooh and Mickey/ Minnie.



Winnie the Pooh Women’s Wallet/ Makeup bag


Winnie the Pooh Slippers


Winnie the Pooh cell phone case

IMG_2092 IMG_2096

Winnie the Pooh tote bag




Also on hand were these awesome stackable Tsum Tsum mugs. These look to be Disney Store exclusives at the moment.




Disney Store Collections

Disney Store had on display numerous collections and pieces that would be exclusive to them this year. Let’s take a look

2015 Holiday Collection


Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the gang are back for the holiday, decked out in green scarves and either wearing a festive hat or bow… or in Pluto’s case, carrying a candy cane.

Peter Pan Collection



This beautiful collection of (10) Tsum Tsum will be a future release for the Tsum Tsum Tuesdays at the Disney Store. Now, there have been varying reports as to which month this will be out. I did not get exact confirmation from the Disney rep I was touring with, so stay tuned for future info.

Frozen Fever Gift Set


The hot animated short Frozen Fever is celebrated this November with the release of this special gift set, which includes an Olaf bag and four brand new Tsum Tsum, all exclusive to the Disney Store: Sven, Anna, Elsa, and a Snowgie.

MEGA Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum


And you thought we saw big Tsum Tsum so far…. take a look at these two. They are massive. Here is a pic showing a comparison in size from the smallest (represented by Tic Toc) to the mega one, here being Mickey.


Of course, this is only a sampling of what’s to come this year, and into 2016, with Tsum Tsum. The brand has grown amazingly well in the past year alone (launch of the app and the original plush were just about this time last year), and the Disney reps at the event were very upbeat about the future of what’s to come with Tsum Tsum.

Do you collect Tsum Tsum? What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know.


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