Disney Holiday Showcase: Bring on the Dolls


For years, Disney collectible dolls have been one of the biggest hits for both the Disney Store and regular retail. With that being said, here are the doll selections that were on display at Disney’s Holiday Showcase this past week.

NOTE: I will include information where I can, but most of these items were just product and not packaging. Aside from the Animators’ Collection dolls, I am not positive if what you see is retail wide or Disney Store Exclusive. 

In addition, you will see me mention “Disney Dozen” a few times, which is a highlight collection that Disney spotlights at the event, believing they will be the hits for the holiday, and they are usually right. In a couple of days, I will run down the full dozen in a separate article.

Disney Store’s Animators’ Collection

Anna & Elsa Deluxe Gift Set (They Sing!)


A new feature for this collection… song. Anna and Elsa will sing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”. This two pack comes with a bunch of accessories with the two dolls, packed in a cute open-window box fashion.

Mini Collection 15 pc Set



One of the “Disney Dozen” for 2015, this 15 pc Mini set includes a bunch of the Animators’ Collection full sized dolls… in a 5″ size. All come in this display packaging.


Sofia the First

Flying Magic Princess Sophia and Minimus


Here we have Disney Junior’s resident princess, Sofia, ready to take to the skies on her pegasus, Minimus

Minnie Mouse


This Minnie Mouse interactive doll let’s you change the colors of the different parts of her dress and her bow, gabbing away all the while.

Disney’s Descendants

There are a bunch of dolls coming out for this summer’s TV movie Disney’s Descendants, and the brand is popular enough to make it to one of the “Disney Dozen”. Looks to be a very popular movie and line of collectibles.


IMG_1997 IMG_1998

IMG_2007 IMG_2008

IMG_2009 IMG_2010

IMG_2011 IMG_2012



Of course you have to have Frozen dolls in the mix.


This Elsa let’s you sing along karaoke-style with her microphone… and she will join in “if” you forget the words.



On of the hightlights in the doll category for me was this bicycle built for two doll set. I love how Olaf is riding in the basket



Another one of the “Disney Dozen” is Elsa with her ice castle, which in interactive, and includes a light up base on the lower level of the castle where Elsa can spin and “grow” the upper part of the castle, recreating the iconic scene from the movie.



Disney Princesses

Lastly, there were on display some of the Disney Princess dolls for 2015… Rapunzel, Ariel, and Belle. Each one of these comes with a cute little companion.

IMG_2068 IMG_2067



Of course, this is just a sampling of the dolls that will be coming out this year for the holidays. I am also sure we will be seeing some D23 exclusives, but nothing was on display at the event.


Do you collect any of the Disney doll lines? Maybe you have a favorite Disney Princess that you collect? Let us know.



  • Tasha

    I’m looking on information on the disney 15 piece animator doll collection. Can you please tell me when or where I can get them? Thank you

  • Jen

    Hi there! I wanted to see if it was ok to share your mini animator doll set photo on my Instagram page? Please let me know. Thanks! Jen

  • Sure thing. Just please link to our IG account @diskingdomofficial

  • Elysia

    Hi, do you know if the Anna and Elsa deluxe animator gift set will be available in the UK to purchase on the Disney Store UK website?

  • Anna

    I live in USA the animators collection was avail for 3 weeks then gone from disneystore.com . UK disney.com won’t ship and people on eBay are asking 169.99 where w|o discount it was 119.95.
    Where can I get it for 119.95 or less? Is disney USA bringing back for if UK can get it then store wide it’s not sold out Just USA . will it be available in USA disney stores? Or back online in USA?

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