Peter Pan & Chewbacca Vinylmations Pulled From D-Street?

According to various reports from members of Vinylmation Exchange, the new Peter Pan blind box series has been pulled from sale at D-Street due to quality control issues.

It’s also been reported that the Chewbacca Eachez have also been removed from sale due to a spelling issue, this also happened with the Star Wars Inquisitor figure.

chew bottom

What do you think of this news?


Thanks Joi for the Chewbacca image.



  • Hi Roger,
    do you know if they pulled the C7 for the spelling mistake or they are just letting it sell?
    Looked online and couldn’t see an answer…

  • Looks like that happened as well.

  • lilfaeriebrat

    I asked at DLR Dstreet last night about the Chewbaccas. When I was there Wednesday TONS left. One CM said she didn’t know what happened. Another said they were pulled because they had new stuff coming out and couldn’t have LEs on the shelf for too long. Which I chuckled because they still had Hulk 2 pack and villianous duos. My case of Peter Pan has a lot of paint flaws, feet aren’t sitting right and other imperfections. I was excited about the set but when I opened them I was kind of let down because of the quality. Tiger Lily however looks GREAT!

  • Kait

    Could this be the reason that the Peter Pan Vinylmation was not available for purchase online?

  • kdogred

    what exactly is miss-spelled because i have the non variant and i want to know if its rare and the pcture is really blurry

  • Chewbacca is spelt wrong on the bottom

  • Adam

    Any updates? Will they be back on the shelf or a total loss?

  • There have been lots of conflicting reports,

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