Haunted Mansion Hatchetman D23 3 Foot Custom Vinylmation Preview

The D23 Expo is getting closer and Disney custom artist Javier Soto has released an image of his upcoming 3 foot Haunted Mansion Hatchetman Vinylmation.  This custom is priced at $6,500, and there will also be a smaller 9″ version available at the event.


This is happening now!
My 3 foot Vinylmation of the Hatchetman / Haunted Mansion for D23 Expo 2015! #vinylmation #vinylmationcustom #d23expo #disneyland #anaheim #999happyhaunts #hauntedmansionart #hauntedmansion
#mastergracey #garnerholtproductions @theartofjavier @heyzenc @inkbombers #saturdayvinylmation #saturdayvinyl

What do you think of this custom?


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