Marvel Comics now Available in Kindle Format at


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I am a huge fan of Amazon and love the largely diverse type of Products that they offer. The ever expanding offerings that Amazon offers everything from Books to Toothpaste, from Apple products to Ziploc bags and everything in between! Today on their home page they announced that Marvel Comics are now available in the Kindle form. Which is a great treat for comic book readers that want to read their comic books on the go but keep them safe from damage at the same time. I think this will also introduce others that want to read comics but either they don’t want to carry them wherever they go or possibly allow closet Comic book fans a private way to enjoy their comics on the sly. No matter what you pleasure is it is a great day for Marvel Fans to enjoy their Comics on the go!

So what will be your first Kindle Marvel Comic? There are so many to choose from so treat yourself to a few!

Happy Reading

Here is the Link to get you started!


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