Details On Playmation Avengers Figures & Pre-Order

This week, Disney have released more details on their latest tech toys, Playmation and have put up the starter pack and initial launch figures for pre-order at


Each figure is priced at $14.99, there will be Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Ultron Bot, Falcon, Hulkbuster and M.O.D.A.K.  More figure will be available later including Thor.  These will be released on October 4th. is offering a free figure with a pre-order of the starter pack, which costs $119 and comes with Captain America and Red Skull figures.


Here are images of the figures and packaging for the initial figures:

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Here are some more details on Playmation:

Playmation is the next step in the evolution of play, where digital gets physical and imagination gets real. Inter-connected products with embedded content let players step into the world of Marvel’s Avengers! Control the adventures with wearable gear that lets users feel the battle and puts them at the center of the action.

With the Playmation Marvel Avengers Starter Pack, players have the core products they need to carry out their first missions and fight alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the battle to defend the world from Ultron! The Starter Pack comes with 4 locations and 25 missions out of the box so that players can jump right into the action!

Control the battle with Avenger Gear! This Iron Man-inspired Repulsor Gear with motion-sensing technology puts players in the Avengers action. Players can strap on the gear and use the motion-based controls to battle their way through missions with three different blast modes, blocking, dodging, sneaking, running, jumping and more. Power Activators bring missions to life with over 20 different enemies, and can load Smart Figures to interact with each character. Players can feel like part of the battle as the Repulsor Gear vibrates with every blast and activates awesome light and sound effects.

Power Activators Launch the Battle

Power Activators connect with Avenger Gear for an interactive play experience. Set Power Activators in different places around the room to create more dynamic and challenging play while battling over 20 different enemies with Avenger Gear. The Power Activator’s lights and sound effects bring the battle to life and let players know when damage has been dealt to an opponent. Load Smart Figures to team up with Heroes or battle Villains! Power Activators can also be used as blasters for multi-player matchups.

Smart Figures Bring Heroes and Villains to Life

Captain America and Iron Skull Smart Figures come with their own unique attacks in battle. Activate them by loading onto a Power Activator and using the Avenger Gear. Players can train with Captain America or team up with him in battle to level up and earn a unique new ability. Or, defeat Iron Skull to unlock an additional location and weaken Ultron’s army. Collect other Smart Figures (sold separately) to build a team of allies and battle Ultron’s team of villains.

  • Includes Repulsor Gear, 2 Power Activators, 2 Smart Figures (Captain America and Iron Skull), instructions, and 25 embedded missions
  • Track progress and access new missions with AvengersNet app (see below for app details).
  • Additional missions available for download for Gear registered with the AvengersNet app. (see below for app details.)
  • Collect additional Playmation Marvel Avengers Smart Figures, each sold separately

The bare necessities

  • Ages 6+
  • Requires X12 1.5v AA Alkaline batteries, not included
  • Man-made materials / electronics
  • Figures 6” H
  • Imported



Are you getting excited for Playmation>?


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