Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box TV Live on Twitch 7/24/15 Recap

Hello everyone. Todays Toy Box TV Live on Twitch webcast was very good. They had a surprise guest, some cool gameplay of Toy Box Takeover, and they announced cool details for fans to attend the summit. Read below for the main recap and enjoy some awesome clips from the show.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.57.52 PM

  • JV will be traveling sometime next week to Seattle for a super top secret future Disney Infinity meeting. Wonder who’s headquartered up there?
  • JV will also be traveling to London for more Disney Infinity related meetings.
  • He will finish of his travels in Germany for Gamescon where Disney infinity will be announcing something. New unheard figure? Playset details for Marvel? Ant-Man? Cant wait to find out!
  • D23 will be full of awesome announcements and lots of them. There will also be exclusive giveaways! Wow! I’m excited!
  • Jason Moffitt and his purple pants, played toy box take over for everyone. It looks very fun. Excited to get this for free just for reserving.
  • Toy Box Takeover does have Marvel and Star Wars levels as well.
  • Toy Box Takeover also uses the procedural generating tool for the hero destroyer battles. Its pretty cool.
  • You get to give your side kicks hats that give them special attacks and abilities. You find these hats in chests all around the levels.
  • They mentioned the current campaign to chose your favorite Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters to be possibly added to the next Disney Infinity game. They have a poll on the “Oh my Disney!” website right now where you can vote for one of 20 characters. You can also tweet to #OurDisneyInfinity with the characters you want, as well as their Facebook or Instagram. Just make sure to always use the #OurDisneyInfinity hashtag in your posts for them to be counted.
  • The Oh my Disney poll was hacked and people on Reddit have botts voting over and over for certain characters, but they are taking IP address into account and making sure that the votes are legit. Crazy how people want certain figures badly enough to hack a poll.
  • Mike Jones, the head of Marvel games made a surprised appearance at the Twitch cast. They had him play Toy Box Takeover with Jason. JV tried to get him to spill some Marvel news but failed. One very interesting thing he did share is that they have content in Disney Infinity 3.0 that will cover 6-8 months of what is to come with Marvel. So does that mean we have some Captain America Civil War coming to 3.0 as well? Guess we will find out sooner or later.
  • You still have a few days to summit your video for the IN games tournament! Videos are due by the 26th!
  • The Summit is around the corner. It will take place in the Disneyland Resort and it will be amazing this year. They will have 16 toy box artists and the 4 contest winners at the summit. The summit will be in the parks! That means you will be inside Disneyland? California Adventure?
  • They also opened up the summit to fans to attend as audience members. They will have two days of the event, August 12th to view panel presentations, and August 13th to view the Toy Box showcase of all the boxes built. They opened up an RSVP on twitter at 1 PM today. You have until Sunday to sign up, but its first come first serve. You also don’t need to buy park tickets to attend! Pretty awesome!
  • Next few weeks are going to be pretty epic so stay tuned.

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So, what did you think? Great show, right? Tell us what you thought below or on our Facebook Group. Did you miss the Twitch stream? No problem! Watch it HERE!


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