Inside Out Itty Bittys Coming This August To Hallmark

Hallmark are set to release a new Inside Out collection of Itty Bittys including Anger, Joy, Sadness, Disgust and Fear.  Each plush is priced at $6.99.  These will be released in August on Hallmark’s website and Gold Crown stores.


Here is a look at these Itty Bittys:

itty-bittys-anger-stuffed-animal-root-1kid3399_1470_1 itty-bittys-disgust-stuffed-animal-root-1kid3398_1470_1 itty-bittys-fear-stuffed-animal-root-1kid3397_1470_1 itty-bitty-sadness-stuffed-animal-root-1kid3370_1470_1 itty-bittys-joy-stuffed-animal-root-1kid3369_1470_1

What do you think of these plushes?


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