Custom Corner: Beauty and the Beast

Custom Corner: Beauty and the Beast

This week we see the impossible become possible in this tale as old as time.  Featuring Belle and the Beast, this figure, created by Jen Bednarski, captures the beauty, power, and timelessness of love.  From the Beast’s sheltering and protective cloak to Belle’s expression of peace and joy, comfortable and happy in the Beast’s embrace, this figure is an excellent personification of love and all the best things love brings.

Custom Corner: Beauty and the Beast

Bednarski’s appreciation for Vinylmations started after seeing a Disney special on collectibles.  Listening to the artists who designed them talk about their concepts, challenges, and inspiration made her want to give it a try.  Starting with Rapunzel wrapped in her own hair, Bednarski has gone on to create customs from Marvel’s Dark Phoenix to Peter Pan and crew flying around Big Ben.

“When designing a custom, I try to convey one of two things… either a sense of movement or an emotional connection with the viewer,” Bednarski said on her creative process.  “In this Beauty and the Beast piece, I really wanted to explore the power of love and connection.”  Employing her unique pedestal design to the piece and accented with the Beast’s enchanted rose, this figure sings a song as old as rhyme, emanating love, hope, and happiness.

To view more of Bednarski’s work, please visit the links below:

Facebook: Vinylmation Creations of Jen Bednarski

Instagram: @jbednarski2002


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