Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes Invade Super Hero Headquarters

While down at Walt Disney World last week, Joshua and I took some of the Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes over to check out one of the newest stores in the West Side: Super Hero Headquarters. Located next to D-Street, this place is the home for all things Marvel. Let’s check it out.


Basically, Super Hero Headquarters is a Disney Store dedicated to the Marvel brand. In addition to having clothing and accessories, there are also collectibles like Vinylmation and action figures, similar to those you would find at any Disney Store location. There are also cell phone accessories, household accessories, and art prints. There was no lack of merchandise, that’s for sure.

Throughout the store on the walls were SHIELD dossier files, which lit up and get information on the members of SHIELD and the Avengers. To be honest, if all of the merchandise was quickly removed, the place could be quickly transformed into a SHIELD recruitment center, as the logo appeared in numerous places.


A little dark due to front entrance shadowing, but here are Director Fury and Black Widow with their files, which are the most accessible.





Some of the more popular Marvel characters had their own sections of merchandise.










Also on hand was a Disney Infinity station, where Iron Man and Thor felt right at home.


Here are a few of the Avengers with their Vinylmation counterparts.


Didn’t want to leave Falcon out, but with nothing there with his likeness on it (we tried finding something), he decided that he wanted to be next to the SHIELD logo as well.


Overall, if you are visiting Walt Disney World and you are looking for Marvel merchandise, Super Hero Headquarters would be the place to go. When we were there, it was mid-day and getting quite crowded, so we didn’t stay too long, as the store is not massive and it’s chock full of merchandise.


I would like to thank Joshua for his assistance for this shoot in providing the idea, as well as bringing the characters, to the shoot. Him being local and able to do that is a major help.

Will you be visiting Walt Disney World soon? Is Super Hero Headquarters on your list of places to shop at? Let us know.

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