Just Dance: Disney Party 2 Coming This Holiday

Ubisoft have teamed up with Disney to announced that Just Dance: Disney Party 2 is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and Wii this holiday season.


If you can’t get enough of your favorite Disney Channel original movies? Just Dance: Disney Party 2 will let you dance to 25 of your favorite Disney Channel hits like “Evil Like Me” and “Rotten to the Core” from the brand new original movie, “Descendants.”

The tracklist includes:

“Austin & Ally” – “Chasin’ the Beat of My Heart”
“Descendants” – “Did I Mention”
“Descendants” – “Evil Like Me”
“Descendants” – “Rotten to the Core”
“Descendants” – “Set It Off”
“Girl Meets World” – “Take on the World”
“KC Undercover” – “Keep It Undercover”
“Teen Beach Movie” – “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’”
“Teen Beach Movie” – “Fallin’ For Ya”
“Teen Beach 2” – “That’s How We Do”
“Teen Beach 2” – “Gotta Be Me”
“Teen Beach 2″ – “Twist Your Frown”
“Violetta” – “En Mi Mundo”


The Just Dance team worked very closely with the Disney Channel to ensure all of the game’s choreography, costumes and set designs remain true to the shows or movies they are from. If you’re playing on the Xbox One, you’ll even be able to take advantage of the karaoke feature and sing along while you dance.

“The first Just Dance Disney game was a beloved hit among our fans,” said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Ubisoft. “When it came to working with Disney again on Just Dance: Disney Party 2, there was no question we wanted to give families another way to experience their favorite songs through dance.”

What do you think of Just Dance: Disney Party 2?


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