Walt Disney Archives Presents: Disneyland the Exhibit at D23

If you have ever gone to a D23 Expo, you know that there is always so much to see. There are always amazing panels to camp out overnight for, amazing merchandise to drool over, celebrity signing events to make you squeal, and some amazing exhibits that only a select lucky group of people ever get to set their eyes on. Well, this year the Walt Disney Archives gave us a pretty special exhibit to experience. They presented, “Disneyland the Exhibit” and it was fantastic. There was quite a collection of things that haven’t been seen for years. Some retired items that showed the history of Disneyland and even some never before seen pictures that the archives released for the first time. So many special items that were so cool to see in person. I managed to take pictures of many of the items to bring this exhibit to your screens at home. I hope you enjoy this picture heavy gallery of “Disneyland the Exhibit!”


So what did you think? Quite a collection, no? Let us know what you think below!


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