New Dooney & Bourke Collections online at the Disney Store!!!

This morning Disney has released some new Dooney & Bourke bags online at the Disney Store! We now have two new sketch patterns as well as the newer style of the Haunted Mansion bags! These new Haunted Mansion bags have the leather corners on them to prevent the chipping issues that Disney had with the previously released versions. I own one of the new style Haunted Mansion bags and I love it! These will probably sell out quickly online like they have in the past, so if you have wanted one, now would be the time to buy it!

The Haunted Mansion Crossbody Bag by Dooney & Bourke $198.00
7501055890140 7501055890140-1 7501055890140-2

The Haunted Mansion Crossbody Pouchette by Dooney & Bourke $128.00
7501055890138 7501055890138-1 7501055890138-2

The Haunted Mansion Shopper Tote by Dooney & Bourke $268.00
7501055890139 7501055890139-1 7501055890139-2

Disney Sketch Crossbody Bag by Dooney & Bourke $198.00
7501055890137 7501055890137-1 7501055890137-2

Disney Sketch Zip Satchel by Dooney & Bourke $268.00
7501055890136 7501055890136-1 7501055890136-2 7501055890136-3

I hope you enjoyed seeing the new bags that were released today!


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  • Brynn

    HI! Do you know whether we’ll be able to find the new zip satchel at the parks? Going to Disneyland in January. Hoping to get it!

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