Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Now Available

D3 Go! and Marvel Entertainment today announced Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is now available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment systems (Xbox One to be available later this year) in North America (Europe and Japan PlayStation releases later this year).

Here is a trailer for Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign:

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is developed by WayForward and for the first time ever in Marvel Puzzle Quest, players will be able to put their squads to the test in both online and local multiplayer. The game will be available for $14.99 MSRP on consoles.

Two DLC packs are also available at $3.99 MSRP each. The first pack is called “Science Friction” and revolves around Hulk’s story line with six different episodes available. Players will be able to earn two new characters, Hulk and Punisher. The second pack is called “The Case of the Cold Chimichangas” and this time it’s all about Deadpool. He will have two huge episodes where he takes on the Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains. Players will be able to earn two new characters, Deadpool and Doctor Octopus.



Here are some screenshots:


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