This Month’s Sci-Fi Crate Comes with Some Great Star Wars Items!

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Normally I don’t review the Mystery Boxes I subscribe to but this month came  with some amazing Star Wars merchandise that I wanted to share. For completeness of the boxes contents I will include them too.The Sci-Fi Box is a newer subscription theme from the Nerd Block family. We switched over from the Arcade version when this was first announced as it promised to offer items from Sci-Fi series like Star Wars and Dr. Who, the main reasons why we wanted to give it a go. Well this months box was amazing. I will provide some pictures of the entire box and will finish off with the Two incredible Star Wars items that were included.

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The exclusive Paranormal Investigator Patch is cool for the “X-File” type fans. The Exclusive Sci-Fi Ray Gun is rather cool with its simple 50’s Retro look! I will keep this cool keychain so to protect my keys from invasion. The Exclusive Star Trek Tribble Tech Screen Cleaner “Pet” May look odd but does a nice job on cleaning up all of the finger prints on my non Apple iMac Touch Screen! At least tribble is potty trained. I think.

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Though not a fan of the show this Funko Pop #135 “Captain Malcolm Reynolds has amazing detail and is really well done.  Fans of the show are going to love this one!

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The Star Wars prints by artist Lee Howard are just incredible! With the Classic Darth Vader Helmet, Original Stormtroopers Helmet and New Lead Villain Kylo Ren. They measure 7 3/4″ by 9 1/4″ or 19 1/2 CM by 23 1/2 CM. The paper is medium card stock and has an artful Matte finish. Framing might be tough but well worth doing so!

Here is a little bit about the artist complements of his website:

I’m a self taught artist who specializes in portraiture and horror themed painting. I have also created a line of gothic horror toys called The Quiet Room Bears. I’ve had my work publicly displayed in galleries and have just started doing more local art shows.
The Quiet Room Bears, which I have been making for well over a decade, are gaining a huge cult following and some of the fans and owners include 2 actors from the Nightmare on Elm Street films, as well as recently I was commissioned by a stadium in my city to make a Bear that would serve as a ‘thank you gift’ for Marilyn Manson, for playing our town. His reaction was amazing, saying that he loved the Bear, the he think I’m very messed up and that he wants the FBI to have my information to get put on their watch list. Best. Compliment. Ever.
You can see ALL of the Bears throughout the years and as well as picture of fans, their fan art sent to me, and much more at
And you can see ALL of my paintings at


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Now for the Ultimate Star Wars Stormtrooper Fan treat. Just in time for Friday’s Release on 12/18 of the 7th Star Wars Film, “The Force Awakens” one can go in style with this really creative First Order StormTrooper T-shirt.  The quality of the shirt itself is great with a good quality cloth with high quality graphic of the famous Stormtrooper Helmet.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.41.09 PMOn a sidetone the recently opened Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland features different style Stormtrooper style Helmets that include the this one on the Queue to see Darth Vader.

Well thats all for now. I hope you enjoyed the show!



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