Update On The Cancelled Darth Maul Video Game

Recently news broke from Reddit that Dan Borth from Red Fly Studio, the developer behind a canceled Star Wars: Darth Maul game was still working on the game and trying to get some attention on the project to be revived.

Recently Game Informer caught up with Red Fly Studio’s for an update, which basically was that neither Electronic Arts or Lucasfilm would comment or discuss the Darth Maul game and are more focused on moving forward that on previous titles.

Parts of the game have been used in “Dawn of Fire”, which is another project that Red Fly Studio have been working on, but it does seem while the community was interested in this project, EA and Lucasfilm have different plans for Star Wars.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the unreleased game:




It looks like EA and Lucasfilm have their own plans for the franchise and are more focused on the new movies that will be coming and with recent releases like Disney Infinity 3.0, Battlefront and mobile games, the Force is still strong but aren’t interested in looking at pre-Disney buy out projects.

What do you think of a Darth Maul game?


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  • julian

    This game would be amazing to go down the path of a cold blooded sith. Im wishing for coop op and a great story please make the story long too. I wanr to feel like a total badass playing as darth maul. Then after beating the game wanting to go back and play it all over again. Hopefully this game comes out i would purchase this game.

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