A Conversation with John Vignocchi about the Force Awakens Playset and the future of Disney Infinity

This morning John Vignocchi took some time to talk to us regarding the Disney Infinity Force Awakens Play Set via conference call. We asked as many questions regarding the playset as possible, but we also didn’t hesitate in throwing in a few regarding Marvel Battle Grounds and the future of Disney Infinity. Here is recap of what was said and what had us a bit excited this morning. This isn’t word for word, so don’t quote me on any of this.

  • The Force Awakens Play Set replays key moments from the film, but there are some subtle differences.
  • JV said that him and a few on the team had read the script to the film in August of 2014. Based on the script, they worked on the playlet’s story. During production of the movie, they would keep in touch with Lucas film almost daily, so they could keep the game as true to the film as possible.
  • Since JV had read the script since August of last year, he’s been keeping the story a secret for a long time! So don’t ever say JV can’t keep secrets! He even didn’t tell his brothers and father who would constantly ask him to spill the beans!
  • Han Solo will not have a variant figure or costume change disc to make him look old, nor will he automatically appear old in the playset when you place his figure down. Old Han is actually a mission giver in this playset, kind of like Old Obi-Wan is a mission giver in the Rise Against the Empire playset.
  • What makes the Force Awakens playset unique is its more of a ranged combat playset. It does pack a little bit of everything from every playset though.
  • This playset does provide another 6-8 hours of gameplay or even more with the hologram games and the added challenges.
  • JV shared what he loved most about the Force Awakens figures. He loves the Kylo Ren figure in terms of his mold. He also said that Kylo Ren once leveled up, plays like no figure they’ve ever had in the game. He thinks the Disney Infinity team did wonders with how he turned out. He loves Finn’s Riffle and the way the Storm Trooper Costume Change Disc cause a buff that allows the riffle to automatically reload without delay. Its the most rapid firing gun in the game. He also loves how Poe has a special ability where BB-8 appears and distracts all the bad guys in the area.
  • The hardest thing to figure out for the play set by both Disney Infinity team and Lucas Film was how to translate Poe Dameron into a playable character. I promise this is not a spoiler, but Poe is mostly shown in the movie as a pilot. He was either flying in an X-Wing or escaping in a Tie fighter. So to figure him out, how to add his walk and attacks as a playable character required a lot of discussions between both teams.
  • We have noticed in the Hall of Galactic Heroes that Kylo Ren’s pedestal has a slot for a lightsaber. We were wondering if Kylo was getting a Light FX figure to which JV replied “No comment!” He also stated that it could have been a miscommunication between the teams on what pedestal to place in the HOH or the amount of pedestals that were supposed to be placed. So basically, he is either stalling or its a glitch. Guess time will tell!
  • Boba Fett is no longer releasing in January. JV will have an update for the community once he finds out the official date.
  • JV was asked if he has read the Rogue One script, and he said he wasn’t even going to answer the question because he would be confirming things with any answer. LOL!

Now as far as the future of Disney Infinity, aside from Star Wars news…

  • I asked for an update regarding Peter Pan, as well as his personal projects with Darkwing Duck and Captain EO.
  1. Well it seems as though Avalanche Studios believes they have the final design ready. They want to reveal it to the Toy Box Master Artist group first to make sure they are happy with the design. They will then reveal it to the community at a later time. They are also committed to release it by August or September of next year.
  2. As far as Captain EO, no updates for now as its still an up hill battle.
  3. Darkwing Duck on the other hand, seems may be closer to becoming a reality. JV told us about a conversation he had with John Blackburn this past week. He said he was having an argument with John Blackburn about a character for an upcoming project that JV was supporting inside of Disney Infinity. John then said to him that he rather do Darkwing Duck than that character he was proposing. JV said that John really put him back on his heels because in the midst of a heated argument about a character, he dangled one that is so close and personal to him as one that they could officially bring. Crazy, right?!?
  • Marvel Battlegrounds hit Beta today. They were having a 30 man tournament at the studio to see how it plays and they are loving it. Its definitely a playset like none other, and it will be a game changer for infinity.
  • Marvel Battlegrounds will use the Marvel Power Discs in a different unique way. A way that they have never used them before.
  • JV mentioned the upcoming slate of releases. He brought up Boba Fett coming out next year during the first quarter, as well as Nick and Judy from Zootopia. He also brought up Marvel Battlegrounds releasing, but no specific date. Then to our surprise, he mentioned that during quarter one, another special character that has not been announced or leaked yet, that we are really going to be excited about, will also release! What could it be!?!?!?! No word on whether if it’s Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars either!
  • Also, apparently we are getting more playsets and figures next year. When asked to clarify if he meant to say playsets as plural, JV said that the word Playsets with an “S” on there is on purpose and correct! So we may be getting at least another playset other then Marvel Battlegrounds. Wow! Thats awesome!!!

Well thats all the new info we got! What did you guys think? What new figure will we get? What other playset will we get as well? Let us know below or on our Facebook Group.



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