Details On LEGO Avengers Season Pass, DLC & Deluxe Edition

Next month sees the launch of the LEGO Avengers video game and details have come out regarding a Season Pass and DLC for the game which includes over 40 new characters and 5 exciting new levels.

The Season Pass is also included in the Deluxe edition which is available now to pre-order on Xbox Live, Steam and Playstation Store. Both the standard and digital versions of these are available to pre-download, but it will not be playable until 12:01 AM EST on the release date (1/26/2016).

iron man lego avengers dlc

The Season Pass consists of over 40 new characters and 5 exciting new levels based on content focused around Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Classic comic versions of Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Masters of Evil. As an added bonus, Season Pass holders will also have exclusive access to the Avengers Explorer Character Pack, which includes Space Iron Man, Scuba Iron Man and the infamous Iron Skull! The season pass is priced at £7.99/$10.

There will also be a Thunderbolt’s Character pack which includes 7 characters that introduces players to the Thunderbolts, a Super Hero team who are really Super Villains in disguise! Included in this pack is Songbird, Atlas, Mach 5, Meteorite, Techno, Jolt and Citizen V! This pack is also being offered as an early pre-order bonus.


Will you be picking up the Season Pass for LEGO Avengers?

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