Details On Sideshow’s Captain Marvel Premium Format Figure


Sideshow Collectibles have released some more details on a new Captain Marvel figure, which will be available to pre-order from Thursday, January 14th and will be priced at $499.99.

Caught in an explosive blast from an alien device, Carol Danvers first used her amazing abilities as the incredible Ms. Marvel, before ultimately assuming the esteemed mantle of Captain Marvel. Soaring over the conquered remains of a Brood spaceship, the former ace fighter pilot radiates confidence in her modern superhero flight suit, taking her trademark bravado to the stars as Earth’s resident Avenger-in-Space and ally to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Sideshow Exclusive Edition features an additional swap out portrait with Carol in her Kree-inspired helmet (shown below).

What do you think of this Captain Marvel figure?


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