Mickey Mouse #8 Comic Book Review

IDW Publishing’s Mickey Mouse Issue 8 features 3 different stories, The Chirikawa Necklace (Part 1 of 2) from Italian Topolino 230, 1960, Caught Out from British Mickey Mouse Annual 6, 1935 and Polar Opposition from Brazilian Tio Patinhas 83, 1972.  All three of these stories are new to the USA.

The main story from this issue is called “The Chirikawa Necklace” and is the first part of a 2 piece story which sees Mickey and Atomo visit Mickey’s auntie following a bout of Vertigo.  This story quickly moves Mickey back into his detective mode when a string of robberies hits town, but Mickey isn’t feeling great and it brings back old memories of an incident when he was young.  It’s a interesting story and the inclusion of Atomo made it feel a little different, he isn’t a Disney character I’m as familiar with, but its been on of the things I have enjoyed with these recent older comics coming out, learning about these lesser known characters.

We then get a single page story called “Caught Out” from the 30’s and I loved this gag.  And finally we have “Polar Opposition” which sees Super Goofy try to stop an evil villain from freezing the planet, which as you might expect, doesn’t quite go to plan, but its a fun little story.

Another good collection of stories in this issue, with “Caught Out” being a highlight, again another great read for Disney fans.  It also features a great Pirates Of The Caribbean variant cover.



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