Mickeys Of Glendale D23 Shopping Day Feb. 20th

1180w-600h_011216_event-mickeys-of-glendale-780x440-1452560199Earlier today, Disney D23 announced a new upcoming Shopping Day on February 20th at Mickeys of Glendale in Glendale, CA. Mickey’s of Glendale will open there doors for one day, allowing D23 members to purchase some of the most exclusive Disney merchandise there is! Lets have a look, shall we?

Something I personally love about these events, is they aren’t exclusive to just gold and silver members. So if you don’t want to pay the near $100 per year to attend these events, you don’t have to. But there is a catch to the event. If you are gold or silver, you can get tickets for front of the line access beginning January 20th at 10 A.M. These special front of the line access tickets are free, but they are expected to go fast. If you want a special ticket, be sure to be on your computer when they are released!

One thing I get asked all the time, is what makes the merchandise (pins in particular) worth it to go? Well, if you are wondering this, here is your answer. Mickeys of Glendale is essentially a cast exclusive store, except for the 5 or so days of the year they open to the public. All the pins, vinylmation, shirts, bags, tumblers, framed pin sets.. well basically everything in the store is highly limited, and if you don’t get it there then you will have to pay hefty eBay fees (yikes!!).

A cool thing (at least in my thought) is that they are openly allowing people to come and trade pins and vinylmation. So even if you don’t want to shop, its a great way for you to meet new collectors, and hey maybe even do a little trading too. Oh, best part about this? FREE!!

Unfortunately, I am unable to make the event as I live kinda on the east coast. But if your in the area (or anywhere in California) then you should defiantly check out this event.


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