First Look At Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set Packaging

This past weekend, two retailers (Amazon & B&H) added the new Marvel Battlegrounds play set up to their site for pre-order.  While neither retailer added an image to the listings, for people who placed pre-orders with Amazon, an email was sent containing a image of the play set and there is a massive change.


The packaging shows one massive change, it only includes one figure and play set piece, all previous play set packs had two figures.  The packaging also includes a new Civil War sticker to promote and tie in the product with the new movie.  And as with previous Marvel reveals, this pack includes the Wifi yellow logo to indicate that this requires an Internet connection to download the new content to your console.

This move to only having one figure raises a few questions, first off is the price, both retailers have had this listed at $29.99, which is just $5 lower than the traditional play set pack.  While the play sets are now a lower price point, it actually means when buying another single figure, it works out more expensive than the original two packs.  So it’s one way Disney can increase the price and also try to suggest its cheaper.

Also this also looks like there isn’t any female characters included in the Marvel wave for 3.0, which could change with other releases but a character like Scarlet Witch being missing seems a mistake.

Thanks to Infinity Inquirer and Big Mike for the information.

What do you think about this play set only having one figure? Comment below:


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  • RK

    To be honest, even if though she most likely wouldn’t fall into a playset, I hope that Agent Carter happens to make a Disney Infinity appearance as a figure. That would be epic. This playset looks interesting though.

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